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Needle Less Acupuncture

Product Description

Tianshi Acupuncture Treasure was invented according to the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy, electric pulse therapy and magnetic therapy.


Remember three words: press, scan and pulse

A. Press : press the pinpoint of the Acupuncture Treasure on certain acupoint, using the strength, in 100g to 500g, according to the highest level the patient can bear.
B. Scan : while pressing with strength, circling the acupoint with pinpoint of the Acupuncture Treasure clockwise or counter Clockwise ( like massage ), and at the same time scanning the acupoint with the magnetic bunch to change the still magnetism into active magnetism and change part of the bio-electric field of the body and by this way, to speed up the flowing of the blood and make the curing effect more significant.
C. Pulse : Pressing the acupoint 1 to 3 minutes and pulsing the acupoint once or twice can clear and activate the channels and collaterals, and get effect quickly. Before electrical pulse install the transmitting stick according to illustrated instructions, the stick must touch the skin, and keep the pinpoint 1 mm from the acupoint.
D. Using two Acupuncture Treasure the same time on two different acupoints or the symmetrical acupoints of the same pinpoint (eg: temple, renying acupoint, acupoints on the eyes etc) can get better effect.
E. Moving the Acupuncture Treasure vertically on the Meridian and collateral can also get good effect.
F. For the diseases which can cause pains, Pressing directly on the Aching acupoint (aching point) eg: periarthritis of humeroscapularis, headache, waist pain, nerve pain, can be cured.
G. For other diseases, please consult and follow the relative acupoints and press the certain acupoint with the Acupuncture of the Chinese acupoint with the Acupuncture Treasure, these can get perfect effect.

Points for attention

A. Read the direction carefully before using the Acupuncture Treasure.
B. Prevent the Acupuncture Treasure from shake, moisture, high temperature and heat, source.
C. Keep Acupuncture Treasure away from hand watches, TV, video recorders, which are susceptible to magnetic force.
D. Do not disassemble without authorization, otherwise, the precision structure such as magnetic wave will be destroyed.
E. The useful life of the electric pulse is generally 5000 times/piece. It is usually used for curing periarthritis of humeroscapularis.
F. Patients with cardiac pacemaker shoulder be cautious when using.


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