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Late Prof. Park Jae Woo, born on 14th March 1942 in Seoul, South Korea, graduated from the Seoul National University. At present he is the President of Su jok academy of Moscow, Honorary President of Su jok academy of india, President of the International ONNURI Public Fund, President of the Korean Su Jok Acupuncture Institute, President of the International Su Jok Acupuncture Association, a Representative of the O-Haeng Publishing INSTITUTION, and Publisher of the World of Hand and Foot newspaper.

Professor Park Jae Woo was a visiting professor to the Sujok Association of india in India; Consulting professor of the Institute for Doctors Advanced Training in the Republic of Kazakhstan; President of the Su Jok Academy in Moscow. He has been granted the honorable titles of Academician of the International Academy of Sciences, and the Knight of Justice of the Maltese Order of the Knights. Professor Park Jae Woo has written a number of monographs in the sphere of acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Publications by Prof. Park Jae Woo:

Meridian Muscle and Byol Muscle Therapy (1986, Korean)

Be Your Own Sujok Doctor.

Fourteen Byol Meridians and their Points in Hand and Foot (1987, Korean)

Smile Meditation.

Constitution Chart of Su Jok Acupuncture (1987, Korean)
Lecture on Su Jok Acupuncture (1988, Korean)
Introduction to Su Jok Acupuncture (1988, English)
Classical Explanations of Sa Am Five Elements Acupuncture (1989, Korean)
Guide to Hand and Foot Acupuncture (1989, English)
Chun In Ji Pulse Palpation Method (Six Ki Pulse Palpation Method) (1990, Korean)
Su Jok Acupuncture (1991, Korean)

Park Jae Woo Su Jok Acupuncture (1993, English)

Twist Therapy.

Onnuri Su Jok Therapy (1993, Korean)

Towel Twist


Literature on Onnuri Medicine:
Park Jae Woo - Onnuri Auricular Therapy Volume 1, 2, 3
Park Jae Woo - Onnuri Head Correspondence Systems
Park Jae Woo - Su Jok for Everybody
Park Jae Woo - Su Jok Therapy
Park Jae Woo - Su Jok Acupuncture Volume 1
Park Jae Woo - Su Jok Acupuncture Volume 2
Park Jae Woo - Thumb is Head
Park Jae Woo - Six Ki Theory
Park Jae Woo - Six Ki Herb Medicine
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